• The Organization shall be non-political organization with sole purpose of bringing over all sustainable tourism development in the State.
  • To encourage village tourism industries, promote market and also work for the conservation of environment and culture of different ethnic groups of Sikkim.
  • To work for the socio-economic benefit of the people through tourism activities.
  • To provide correct information to the visitors through brochures, slideshows, website and other visual and print media.
  • To protect and conserve the natural wealth of the region through mass awareness (like educational bases awareness campaign programe) strictures, rules and discussion.
  • To supervise and implement tourism project supported by any Government for the welfare of the people.
  • To work in unison with various Trade Association and NGOS for the promotion of Tourism and its related aspects’ within and throughout Sikkim.
  • To undertake the publication of promotional material such as pamphlets, brochures, books and create promotional material through visuals such as documentaries.
  • To organize conventions, meetings, conference, seminars and other events with a view to develop the sharing of information and experiences.
  • To creates employment opportunity for the local people, by enriching their inner capacity and hidden talents by organizing capacity buildings program.
  • To help safeguard the local culture, tradition and the heritage and maintain the sanctity of the religiously significant monuments.
  • To encourage domestic and international tourist to come to Sikkim.
  • To safeguard the places, monuments landscape of tourist interest.
  • To co-operate and collaborate with outsides development organization on equal footing basis to achieve the common goal of promotion of tourism.
  • To acquire land, building for the use of organization for social functions, exhibitions, events.
  • To raise money through donations, membership fees, voluntary works with prior approval.
  • To hold training amongst stake holders.
  • Work for the protection and conservation of agriculture and floriculture.
  • To establish information centre.
  • To establish hiring and renting out let.
  • To apply for associate membership of state, national and international.
  • To work for the betterment of women and under privileged children in general.
  • To encourage the local people to know their basic rights and responsibilities through various organizations based activities.



  Sikkim has been given many names. The Lepchas, original inhabitants of the land called it Nye-mae-el `paradise'.
The Limbus named it Su Khim or `new house' while to the . .

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